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The future of Amygdala : Roadmap for development
The "roadmap" is a rough outline of the Amygdala project leaders' intentions for the content of future releases, along with the contents of past releases. The most up-to-date and detailed information about development progress is available on the development site and its associated mailing lists.

Questions about new Amygdala features can be made through the feature request tool on the development site.

Roadmap last updated Jun 12, 2002
Version 0.2
Apr 17, 2002
  • Basic SMP support in place
  • GA interface started
  • FastNeuron class added
  • Basic Hebbian learning algorithm in place
Version 0.3
Target: Jun 23, 2002
  • Mus Silicium sample application released.
  • Support for spike transmission delays added.
  • NetLoader template replaces NetworkLoader. NetLoader will allow multiple neuron models to be saved into a single Amygdala NN file.
  • A new synapse model will allow for more efficient spike processing.
  • Support added for g++ 3.0
Version 0.4
Target: TBD
  • Layering model enhanced.
  • FunctionLookup class redesigned to make it easier to implement new neuron models.
  • First GUI prototype released for review. This will be a non-functional prototype concentrating on UI design.
  • Neuron models introduced using the Srinivasan/Lytton method of calculating neuron state variables.
  • Practical demo applications.
Version 0.5
Target: TBD
  • Core Amygdala library API stablized.
  • Begin optimizing code.
  • Coding begins for GUI.
Version 0.6
Target: TBD
  • Version 0.1 of the Amygdala GUI is released.
Version 1.0
Target: TBD
  • V. 1.0 of the Amygdala library released.
  • V. 0.5 of the Amygdala GUI is released.

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