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Understanding Amygdala : Demonstrations
  • Spikeloop (MPEG - 1.4MB): The "Hello World" application of recurrent spiking neural networks. The network's topology comprises a number of layers, each one fully connected to the next. The last layer (red) is connected to the first again to close the loop. The loop is triggered by a one time spiking of the input neurons (blue). This forms a spike front that rotates indefinitelly.
  • Liquid State machine (MPEG - 2.7MB) consisting of 680 neurons and 6360 synapses. This piece of magic cirquitry recently got devised by Maass, Nattschläger and Markram in this paper There is also a still picture including all synaptic connections (1280x1024) and a more traditional diagram. Neuron ID 1-40 are input neurons (blue) and are externally triggered in a random time series.
  • Network debugger and visualizer (396KB): A precompiled demo running the spikeloop and mouse samples in the openGL-based network visualizer.
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