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Understanding Amygdala : Frequently-asked questions
  • What's this spiking all about?
    It turned out that the protocol between neurons are so called action potentials or spikes. They look all the same but occur at irregualar intervals. Scientist used to believe that it is the spike rate that transfers information. At least for the neurons in the central nervous system, this is not the case - it's the timing of spikes that count. Therefore spike rate models that count spikes over a period of time are biologically unrealistic. We believe that the only way to true intelligence currently is by mimicing the information processing in the brain as closely as necessary. This means we don't include internal processes into the model that have to do with cell metabolism, for instance.
  • In what area can Amygdala beat any competing AI technology?
    Currently in none. But in contrast to other technologies, Amygdala makes possible what you may call deep AI - the depth, creativity and flexibility that all vertebrates exhibit. For starters, try any other technology on controlling a 2 legged robot to run through a forest...
  • Why did you choose the GPL?
    Because we think that if you improve our code you should contribute your improvements back. We're not RMS, though - if you want a different license, contact us but be prepared to open your checkbook as the development team has always use for powerful new hardware.
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