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Amygdala at a glance
Amygdala is open-source software for simulating spiking neural networks (SNNs). Spiking neural networks are a very specific sort of "artificial brain" which has shown particular promise in recent scientific research. SNNs have very useful applications in artificial intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition.

The goal of the Amygdala project is to use biologically accurate "spike coding" models to produce networks capable of performing well in real-time; strong attention is paid to the support of multiple/distributed processing, to increase the scalability and power of Amygdala "brains". Still in its early stages, Amygdala has already been used to produce working neural networks, and continued development is focused on increasing Amygdala's efficiency and usefulness and on laying the groundwork for several important advanced features.

Amygdala is currently implemented as a C++ library, suitable for use by software programmers. Future enhancements will extend the useability of Amygdala, particularly through the addition of a graphical user interface (GUI) suitable for non-programmers. Also envisioned are additional interfaces to programming languages other than C++, to expand Amygdala's accessiblity and usefulness to a broader base of developers and applications.

Latest release
The latest public release of Amygdala is version 0.4, released October 1, 2005. Source code and installation/build instructions are available for download from Amygdala's development page (on

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